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AMT Automag

AMT-AutoMag was acquired by High Standard during 2000s and offers a backup series of pistols and AutoMagII 22. All weapons are made in US and use only US made parts.


AUTOMAG II is the perfect choice for the small game hunter or shooting enthusiast who is looking for more power and accuracy in a light, trim handgun.  High tech in concept, slim and compact with bold open slide design, AUTOMAG II is the first and only production semi-automatic handgun in caliber ,22 magnum.  It employs a unique gas channeling system to achieve smooth, trouble-free action.

WARNING: Be a safe shooter. Never chamber a round until you are ready to shoot! Follow the rules of safe shooting. Always read and obey the owner's manuals supplied with each pistol. An additional copy of the owner's manual is available upon request.


Full List of AMT Automag Weapons


Brand  Image Caliber  Barrel Name Model# Description
AMT-AUTO MAG 45   Back Up   (DAO) AMT - 45 Large Frame – .45 ACP – Stainless
AMT-AUTO MAG 38   Back Up   (DAO) AMT – 38S Large Frame – .38 Super – Stainless                               
AMT-AUTO MAG 40   Back Up   (DAO) AMT - 40 Large Frame – .40 S&W – Stainless                                
AMT-AUTO MAG 9   Back Up   (DAO) AMT – 9 Large Frame – 9mm P – Stainless
AMT-AUTO MAG 22 6 Auto Mag II  AMT - 226 .22 WMR – 6” – Stainless – Adj. Sights

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